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About Us

CareXO.com was born out of a conversation amongst peers.  4 members of our group contracted HIV over the span of 6 months.  The lingering question was “Why did this happen?”.  The lack of discussion? openness? education? all regarding HIV/AIDS and STDs in the last decade has lead to a meteoric rise in HIV new infection cases.

Founded in 2010, CareXO.com is an innovative way to approach prevention and promote HIV and AIDS awareness by encouraging conversation and awareness.  Instead of relying solely on another person's word, and in some cases regretting doing so, proof can be provided, in seconds.  We hope to remove the stigma of getting tested, knowing and sharing of ones HIV/STD status.  In the US (as of the creation of CareXO.com) the CDC reports 1 Million people are living with HIV.  Out of that number 1 in 5 (21%) are unaware that they are infected.  Unfortunately, there are 56,300 new infections annually.  If we are to defeat this terrible disease, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and awareness.

CareXO.com provides you with a safe, secure site and reference for sharing your status and being open with your partner before becoming intimate.  We are a registered nonprofit organization in the State of Calfiornia (Federal 501(c)3 pending).


Know your status. Know theirs.  Always play safe.

The CareXO.com Team.


(Federal tax exemption pending.  We will forward tax documents to you when our status is confirmed.)